Pablo is a PhD in Rangeland Ecology with 15 years of experience in pastoralism. Starting with ecological research in Spain, he then moved into social, legal, and economic issues, collaborating with NGOs and the government locally, and later working on rural sustainable development issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the last six years he has worked globally, first coordinating the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism at IUCN in Kenya, and later the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub at FAO in Italy. He currently works from Nairobi as an international consultant on livestock development and conservation issues, and also supports pastoralist advocacy.

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The widespread image of a pastoralist is an uncultivated person living in a remote area, absolutely ignorant of modernity, who can easily turn into someone in need of food aid as soon as the next drought strikes. This is in contrast with their importance worldwide: in spite of the tremendous uncertainties about their numbers (perhaps […]

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