Peter Barnes is an entrepreneur and writer who has founded and led several successful companies. At present he is a senior fellow at the Tomales Bay Institute in Point Reyes Station, California.

His previous books include Pawns: The Plight of the Citizen-Soldier (Knopf, 1972), The People’s Land (Rodale, 1975), and Who Owns the Sky? Our Common Assets and the Future of Capitalism (Island Press, 2001). His articles have appeared in The Economist, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Christian Science Monitor, The American Prospect, the Utne Reader, Yes!, Resurgence and elsewhere.

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Anthropogenic global warming has a relatively short public career. Twenty years ago, in June of 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen first told Congress that global warming was a real threat, marking the start of open consideration on this issue. The formation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gave scientists a forum for …

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