Dr. Bruce Hull is Professor and Senior Fellow at the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability at Virginia Tech. He writes and speaks about constructing sustainable development, innovative leadership, and collaboration among government, business, and civil society. He has authored or edited over 100 publications, including two books: Infinite Nature (Chicago 2006) and Restoring Nature (Island Press 2000). He serves on the Board of Directors of Climate Solutions University.

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The key causes and solutions to climate change are urban. Urban businesses, residents, land uses, and the supply chains that support them emit approximately 70 percent of greenhouse gasses.1-2 Cities are well situated to mitigate their emissions because they have (relatively) functional governments (compared to, for example, nations), because …

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Amazon deforestation is a consequence of global demand for food.1 Forests get cleared mostly to graze livestock, but some get cleared to grow soybeans, as soy is a more profitable crop. Brazilian soybean production increased from 1 million tons in 1969 to 63 million tons in 2009 to about 90 million tons today, which would […]

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