Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology, University of Nottingham; Honorary Professor at University College London; Honorary Visiting Professor, University of York. Medalist of the Australian Society for Medical Research. Co-author, with Kate Pickett, of the best-selling and award-winning The Spirit Level and The Inner Level.  Co-founder and Patron of The Equality Trust; Global Ambassador for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

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COVID-19 is a horrible global crisis.  Yet, like previous horrible global crises, including WWI and WWII, it also presents an opportunity and an obligation to rebuild our global society to adapt to changing conditions. The question is: what kind of change trajectory do we want? One comparable to WWI’s vindictive Treaty of Versailles or one …

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Introduction In the last 50 years, the biosphere, upon which humanity depends, has been altered to an unparalleled degree[i]. The current economic model relying on fossil resources and addicted to “growth at all costs” is putting at risk not only life on our planet, but also the world’s economy. The need to react to the […]

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