Prof. dr Rik Leemans heads the Environmental Systems Analysis group at Wageningen University. He leads interdisciplinary global-change research projects and contributes to science-policy assessments, such as IPCC. He modelled boreal forests dynamics at Uppsala University (Sweden) and IIASA (Austria). He led the development of an integrated earth system model, IMAGE, at the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency. He now develops transdisciplinary approaches to deal with global change.  Prof. Leemans has published papers on ecosystem and land-use dynamics, ecosystem services, biodiversity, climate & global change, vulnerability and sustainability, and is editor-in-chief of Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.

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Climate change has consequences for both natural and human systems.1 Adjusting these systems in order to moderate potential harm or exploit opportunities is called adaptation.2 This is facilitated by spatial planning that optimizes (future) land use.3–6 Local and regional spatial planning is particularly important for successful adaptation, as …

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