Robert Engelman is vice president for programs at the Worldwatch Institute, an environmental research organization based in Washington, DC. He directs the institute’s research and specializes in his own work on population, reproductive health, climate change, food security, and public health. In 2009 he was lead author of the United Nations Population Fund’s State of World Population 2009 report.

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The Guttmacher Institute provides estimates, covering various years in the last decade, of the proportions of all pregnancies that women report as unintended in many developing and developed countries.1,2 More than 40 percent of pregnancies fall into this category in developing countries, and more than 47 percent are unintended in developed …

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Those who ponder humanity’s future in the twenty-first century generally take at face value demographic projections suggesting that the world population will reach something like 9 billion around 2050 and will then stabilize at about that level.1 The widespread belief that this 30 percent increase from today’s 6.9 billion people is inevitable …

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