Robertetta is a feminist living in Liberia. For many years, she has worked to ensure that women coming from more religious, traditional, or patriarchal backgrounds gradually break away from societal inequality through economic empowerment. Robertetta dreams of a world in which her infant son can look at a female and see her as his equal partner or colleague. With the right information, education, collaboration, and examples of best practices from other countries, she believes that Liberia is not so far from realizing this dream.

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The histories of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia share some unfortunate similarities: civil unrest and political crises leaving over 500,000 people dead, the destruction of functioning state institutions, and one of the worst Ebola outbreaks in 2014. Although armed conflicts are officially over, and all three countries have had successful, …

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Almost 25 years ago, women and men gathered in Dublin, Ireland, for an international conference on water and the environment. The Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development agreed upon at this event was a pivotal document six months before Rio and the Earth Summit.1 The Dublin Statement provided the first official recognition of …

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