Rose Kawere aged 49; a mother, community development specialist, possesses a Masters of Arts–Public Administration and Management Degree, Bachelor of Arts – Social administration and psychology. Presently working as Acting Country Director of the Salama SHIELD Foundation (Uganda), I have worked for SSF for 19 years overseeing and coordinating various programs and initiatives, my community development and management experience is enriched by a strong passion of working with disadvantaged communities in local and complex situations-supporting children, adolescents, youth and women initiatives to sustainably become agents of change in their communities, with vast experience in Participatory Action Research, Ethnography, health, financial management, data management, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation. I hold certificates in Public Administration and Management, Logical Framework Approach (LFA) to Project Planning and Management, Epidemiology study design and analysis, Data Analysis and feedback methodologies, computer applications, HIV /AIDS trainer of trainers, community mobilization, mentorship / guidance, counseling and care. I am an experienced self-motivated catalyst; researcher, mentor, human resource motivator, and an education and development advocate on various health, voluntary, and religious management committees. I have a passion for sharing experiences and caring for others, especially the children and women.

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testing Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that has been present in the Lyantonde District of Uganda for over 27 years. By virtue of its participatory-action research approach to development,1 SSF has secured and sustained the trust of community members. Many of the persons and families engaged in …

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testing My name is Nakiguli Margaret, and my story is now filled with hope. While previously very poor, I was able to come out of poverty, and am now a respected and valued member of my community. Distrust, suspicion, and fear are often socially experienced in my village in southwestern Uganda. For me to have […]

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testing Almost 25 years ago, women and men gathered in Dublin, Ireland, for an international conference on water and the environment. The Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development agreed upon at this event was a pivotal document six months before Rio and the Earth Summit.1 The Dublin Statement provided the first official …

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