Sabrina Watkins serves on the boards of Future 500,  Presidio Graduate School, and Balsam Mountain Trust and works directly with companies to constructively bridge between business and activism to deliver more integrated, environmental, social, and economic results. She retired from ConocoPhillips in 2017 after nearly a decade as global head of sustainability, with responsibility for corporate policies, positions, implementation strategies, results, and reporting. During her tenure, the company reduced over 7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, saved over $100 million, and reduced shareholder concerns all within an efficient implementation framework.

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This is a thoughtful compendium of important sustainability tools and references. It is actionable as well as informative in a concise, readable text. This is a book to learn “Sustainability 101”, with emphasis on the tools but including some of the philosophical underpinnings. If you are a sustainability practitioner, consider having this …

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Short films can be useful to spark conversation at the office or around the dinner table. In business, they can provide an educational moment about sustainability in a meeting, technical or leadership conference. In particular, some businesses have limited knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relevance …

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