Scott Heckbert is an environmental economist at Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and previously worked at CSIRO, Australia. His research applies environmental economics using simulation modeling of integrated social-ecological systems. Research topics include the economics of greenhouse gas mitigation, modeling the rise and fall of ancient societies, developing market-based instruments for environmental management, improving water quality for tropical reefs, modeling patterns of urban sprawl, managing rangelands, and supporting indigenous land management for environmental and cultural benefits.

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The archaeological record reveals diverse societies that flourished in their time and place and succeeded in achieving impressive works of architecture, novel technological advancement, complex economies, and other measures of human achievement. The archaeological record also shows complex societies having declined, some gradually, others …

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One of Australia’s greatest challenges is the persistent socioeconomic disadvantage faced by Aboriginal (Indigenous) people. This is particularly acute in the more remote regions of northern Australia, where Indigenous Australians make up most of the nonurban population. They own much of the land and have interests in most of the remainder,1 …

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