Stefano Pascucci is an associate professor in innovation and organization of agribusiness at Wageningen University (NL). He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Policy. His research interests are related to the organization, innovation, and sustainability of international food value chains, and more recently to circular economy. Stefano has published, among others, in the European Review of Agricultural Economics, Food Policy, and Journal of Business Ethics and Agricultural Systems. Stefano serves as member of the editorial board of the British Food Journal. He is member of the Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy and alumnus of the Ronald Coase Institute. When not working he likes to run, read, cook, and enjoy food and friends.

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Think about the food in your fridge. It is very likely that most of it has come in nonbiodegradable packaging and from far distances. It is also likely that at least one-third of this food will be wasted or was lost before production.1 Increasing evidence shows that the industrial food system is having a destructive […]

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