Stéphane Guilbert is Professor in Food Science at Montpellier SupAgro and Adviser for sustainability of food systems, urban food systems and biomass systems at the research direction of INRA (National Institute for agricultural research). He is a specialist of food science and food processing and an expert on sustainability of food chain, urban food system, packaging cycle and territorial metabolism. He recently initiated a new collaborative research work (in the framework of the Inra/Cirad metaprogram “GloFoods”) on the food biomass system in urban context (North and South Cities) and on the urban biomass metabolism towards the promotion of a circular bio-economy. He is coordinating, for the Inra, a foresight on “Urban food systems: optimization of usage and reducing losses and waste in 2035”. He is author of more than 130 original peer reviewed publications, 150 communications and 50 book chapters and was recently nominated as fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST).

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testing One of the central sustainability challenges of our time is how to achieve food security for a population anticipated to exceed nine billion by 2050 while minimizing further environmental degradation.1 Further, food consumption patterns are changing rapidly as average wealth increases (especially for the emerging ‘middle …

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