After 20 years in photography Steve Williams decided to change careers and make the world a better place. By becoming a LEED Accredited Professional through the US Green Building Council in 2006 all the things that he learned through study and living environmentally consciously could be applied through LEED into building practices. LEED also introduced Steve to water issues. From a love of rivers and appreciation of water he decided to focus on rainwater harvesting, stormwater and water efficiency.
Then there was drought
Steve zealously attended meetings on state and municipal water management, seminars, regional and national conferences for several years learning about green infrastructure, the natural water cycle and water efficiency. Steve is currently chair of the Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Committee of the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District and been active since 2007
Since 2007, Steve started designing and installing rain harvesting systems. In 2008
Steve became an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Accredited Professional, ARCSA AP and is currently the regional rep. In 2012 he began auditing commercial, institutional and multifamily buildings water use and providing solutions to reduce water use primarily through fixture upgrades. Steve also created a plan for Atlanta and other cities to use rainwater harvesting as a stormwater utility providing affordable rainwater systems for those that cannot afford them. Currently he is designing and installing rainwater systems in Georgia and helping others use water more efficiently through water audits and fixture upgrades.

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