Thad Williamson is associate professor of leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics and law (PPEL) at the University of Richmond. His research focuses on urban politics and sprawl, community economic development, politics in the city of Richmond, and sports, justice, and ethics. He writes regularly on current issues for a wide variety of popular and scholarly publications and is frequently quoted in the media. Williamson serves on the Mayor’s Anti-Poverty Commission and on the Richmond Regional Economic Development Strategy Committee. His latest book, co-edited with Martin O’Neill and published by Blackwell-Wiley, is Property-Owning Democracy: Rawls and Beyond.

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Americans face a unique challenge in solving the climate crisis. Unlike other Western countries and Japan, where population is projected to be relatively constant, the U.S. population is set to grow by at least 100 million—and likely 150 million—people by 2050. Where and under what conditions these people live present serious challenges to …

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