Thomas Elmqvist, PhD, is a professor in Natural Resource Management at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. His research is focused on ecosystem services, land use change, urbanization, natural disturbances and components of resilience including the role of social institutions. He serves as associated editor for the journals Ecology and Society, Ecosystem services, and Sustainability Science. He has led the “Cities and Biodiversity project” ( and currently leading a Future Earth project “What is Urban” and part of the scoping expert group on regional and subregional assessments in IPBES.

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We are entering a new urban era where the planet is increasingly influenced by human activities and where cities have become a central nexus of the relationship between people and nature, both as crucial centers of demand for ecosystem services, and as sources of environmental impacts.1,2 However, in the next two to three decades, we […]

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Currently, there is a unique opportunity for the global scientific community to significantly contribute to sustainable futures through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) process. A critical issue now under debate in the UN Open Working Group (OWG) on the SDGs is how they should deal with urban issues.1 At stake is whether there …

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