Ph.D., Psychology, 1994, University of Rochester.
M.A., Psychology, 1990, University of Rochester.
B.A., Psychology with Honors, summa cum laude, 1988, Vanderbilt University.

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book, for The High Price of Materialism, American Library Association, 2002.

Philip Green Wright / Lombard College Prize for Distinguished Teaching, 2000.

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Activists of every kind hope to see their cause addressed as quickly as possible, but this seems particularly true when it comes to environmentalists. Every week, news emerges about the dire consequences in store for Earth’s inhabitants if something is not done right away about species extinction, water and air pollution, and climate …

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Psychologists have collected data from thousands of people in dozens of nations around the world to understand what humans value and how they prioritize different aims in life. These studies consistently show that the human value system is composed of about a dozen basic types of values, including aims such as having caring relationships, …

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It is a typical Saturday afternoon at the mall for Mr. Smith and his children. As he wheels his 20-month-old son through the drugstore, the toddler spots a familiar face prominently displayed on the juice boxes. “Elmo, Elmo!” the child shouts. Mr. Smith tries to move swiftly on, but his seven-year-old son keeps tugging at […]

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