Vicky Forgie is an Ecological Economist based at Massey University, New Zealand. Vicky has worked on a number of research projects that seek to better understand links between economic activity, the social and cultural fabric of society, and environmental quality. Research interests include the modelling of environment-economy interactions, valuing the benefits humans derive from ecosystem services, analytical tools for progressing sustainability, sustainability theory and measurement, alternatives to Gross Domestic Product as a measure of progress, the interconnectivity of indictors used to measure well-being, analysis of supply-chain responsibilities, economic structures of regional economies, and public participation in local government.

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Quantifying the benefits humans derive from ecosystem services is important if they are to be taken into account in the current political climate. Such valuation provides an appreciation of the magnitude of the scale of the benefits derived by humans and recognition of the importance of protecting the “non-market” and intrinsic …

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