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  • “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” —H.L. Menken Everyone, it seems, has a solution for the energy and environmental problems our global civilization must confront in the next two decades. Build more windmills. Grow corn to produce ethanol. Construct more nuclear plants. Clean up coal. Drill baby …

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Solutions in History

Envision the Future

  • Editor’s Note: This article is part of a regular section in Solutions in which the author is challenged to envision a future society in which all the right changes have been made. From New Zealand’s position now in the year 2050, in a state of strong sustainability, it is clear that its citizens were quite […]

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Media Review

  • Despite the country’s struggling financial situation, educators find it hard to convince people to put down their celebrity magazines and educate themselves about basic finance. So why not combine the two? Equipped with three degrees from Harvard, including a master’s in business, Professor Peter Tufano recently founded the nonprofit Doorways …

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  • Would you be better off, in financial and lifestyle terms, if you lived in Europe? This is the basic rhetorical question that Thomas Geoghegan raises in his book Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? (The New Press, 2010). Having lived in both the United States and Germany, I have been asked this question by […]

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  • For the past eight years, Yafit Gamila Bison, a Syrian-born Israeli citizen, has driven Palestinian children past the checkpoints into Israel to be treated at Israeli hospitals. When their parents are not granted permits to accompany them, Bison stays with the children, using her native Arabic to translate for the doctors. She is one of […]

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  • The workings of Congress are often mired in controversy, with only the legislation that polarizes the left and the right gaining public attention. Now you can find out for yourself what exactly the politicians are doing with Many Bills, a new website from IBM, that lets you visualize the work of Washington’s lawmakers. Each bill […]

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