On the Ground

Solutions in History

  • The terms “ecosystem” and “Dust Bowl” coincidentally both entered the English language in 1935. Before then ecologists had focused on the study of plant and animal “communities,” but British ecologist Arthur Tansley thought they were neglecting the surrounding earth, air, and water. He suggested that the word “ecosystem” better captured the …

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Envision the Future


Media Review


  • At a time when we need visionary leaders more than ever, the loss of Ray Anderson last August was a body blow. Awakened years ago by an epiphany about the damage his carpet industry was doing to the environment, Ray dedicated the latter part of his life to proving that an international corporation could thrive […]

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  • More than almost any other recent technology, the mobile phone has penetrated the developing world and sparked innovation. And in Kenya, where more than three-quarters of the population owns a mobile phone, it helps power the economy. This is due in large part to a revolutionary money transfer system called M-PESA. Bank branches don’t exist …

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  • In an effort to fill the gaps left by our financial institutions, many are searching for local alternatives to national currencies. Time banks are one option that promotes community self-reliance while withstanding the whims of a boom and bust economy. Time banks are now operating in over 300 communities in 22 countries, providing individuals …

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  • A clever, albeit brutal, goat eradication program on the Galápagos Islands is credited for successfully saving a rare population of giant tortoises from extinction. More than 1,500 giant tortoises (Geochelone hoodensis) are now believed to populate Española, the southernmost island on the archipelago. More may soon be born on nearby Pinta …

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