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  • This is an edited transcript of part of a talk given by Donella Meadows at the 1994 meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics in San José, Costa Rica, and recorded by Peter Griesinger. Meadows, cofounder of the Balaton Group, passed away in 2001, but she has inspired a generation to hold onto, build, […]

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Media Review

  • REVIEWING Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World Alyse Nelson, Jossey-Bass, 2012 Alyse Nelson is the president and CEO of the transnational organization Vital Voices. Since Hillary Clinton founded Vital Voices in 1995 at a United Nations conference for women in Beijing, the NGO has grown into a global organization …

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  • She lived in a small Ugandan village and had lost five of her nine children over the past decade. The spirit, it seemed, the very will to live, had fled her. A neighbor asked if she would be willing to join a local therapy group for depression and, with some persuasion, she agreed. Just over […]

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  • When nine-year old Martha Payne began a food blog last year, chronicling the paucity of her school lunches, she was not prepared to become a social media star. Payne’s blog, entitled “NeverSeconds,” began as an innocuous school project that showed pictures of her cafeteria meals along with a “Food-o-meter” rating their healthiness on a scale …

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