• Activists of every kind hope to see their cause addressed as quickly as possible, but this seems particularly true when it comes to environmentalists. Every week, news emerges about the dire consequences in store for Earth’s inhabitants if something is not done right away about species extinction, water and air pollution, and climate …

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On the Ground

Solutions in History

Envision the Future

  • To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing. −Raymond Williams In a world at risk, those attuned to the dangers can feel a powerful temptation to sound apocalyptic alarms to awaken the somnolent. Arousing fear, though, without offering a compelling vision of a better path, raises only dispiriting anguish and …

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Media Review

  • “Nothing is permanent. This is the central teaching of the Buddha. Not a career, not an institution, not a wife, not a tree … All is change; change is the only truth.” – Paolo Bacigalupi, The Windup Girl I’ve always been a huge fan of futuristic, utopian-dystopian style books. I was inspired at a young […]

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  • Not having to do the dishes ranks as one reason people go out to a restaurant for dinner instead of cooking at home. However, in Catalonia, Spain, diners are finishing their desserts, tying on an apron, and heading to the kitchen sink. Why? They are grateful recipients of a program concocted by restaurant La Trobada […]

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