• Investing in women and girls is plain common sense. Governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have recognized that if their nations are to increasingly participate in the competitive global economy, they will need to invest more and more in their human capital, of which half are women. Since the 1990’s, the region’s …

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On the Ground

  • On a sky-blue October day, I drove into the dry country of eastern New Mexico to visit an award-winning ranch and contemplate the carbon cycle. Although I had visited many well-managed ranches over the years, I had never looked at one through a carbon lens before, especially in the context of carbon sequestration and climate […]

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Solutions in History

Envision the Future


Media Review

  • In Turkey, women often have fewer opportunities than men, receiving less education, lower pay and less assistance in developing businesses. An online initiative is seeking to narrow the gender gap by providing a way for Turkish women to exchange ideas, network and form business connections across borders. TurkishWIN, the Turkish Women’s …

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  • This book addresses the following problem that will be of interest to readers of Solutions: in spite of ever stronger scientific evidence that the climate is warming due to human emissions of greenhouse gases, and that unrestrained greenhouse gas emissions pose a serious threat to the future well-being of the entire human race and of […]

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