• There is little doubt that most people tire of hearing about problems only and would like to hear about solutions. But disconnecting the solution from the problem has its own dangers. Many of the most serious problems facing society today—those in most urgent need of solutions—are so-called wicked problems. These are complex, not amenable to …

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On the Ground

Solutions in History

Envision the Future

  • After her commencement remarks at the University for International Leadership and Conflict Resolution (UILCR) in Spring 2043, several of the graduates wrote Ms. Rodrigues to ask her to elaborate on how work and employment had changed from the early decades of the 21st century to the present. We remind readers that Ms. Rosa Rodrigues served …

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  • Richard Mattison is the CEO of Trucost, an environmental accounting firm that works with companies, governments, and investors to quantify the economic costs and benefits of actions. Since its founding in 2000, Trucost has run hundreds of analyses using its proprietary economic models. Their data analysis allows clients to make more informed …

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Media Review

  • While modern media is filled with stories of violence, conflict, and strife around the world, we rarely hear stories of peaceful endings, reconciliation and hope for the future. The Boston-based organization, Beyond Conflict, offers some hope to our bookshelves with its first book, simply titled Beyond Conflict. Beyond Conflict is an …

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  • For non-profit organizations focused on advancing their causes, communicating their work to the public may not be a priority. A media organization led by the granddaughter of French marine scientist Jacques Cousteau is trying to help, by producing stunning, powerful video shorts about the work of environmental organizations, and donating them …

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  • It’s not at all controversial to say that people want to be healthy. But health priorities can differ between individuals. The just-married 30-somethings want a healthy environment in which to raise children, but the just-retired 60-somethings want one in which they can have rewarding and fulfilling post-retirement lives. A new book from …

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