• Solutions‘ readers and contributors share some common traits, which I’ll call “Solutions skill sets and aptitudes,” that enable us to detect problems, explore approaches, design solutions, and produce viable real-world policies, practices, and products. The evidence is right here in this issue of Solutions (as well as …

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On the Ground

Solutions in History

Envision the Future

  • As comprehensive federal policy on climate change has been largely absent until quite recently, domestic climate leadership has emerged on multiple scales and from various jurisdictions. In particular, the State of California, long known for innovative and cutting-edge environmental policy, has established a climate policy approach that may …

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Media Review

  • In a faraway kingdom called Saudi Arabia, a young woman of 26 sits in her kitchen waiting for the oven timer to go off. “The order will be delivered at six o’clock,” she texts her customer. She then starts preparing the frosting to finish decorating her perfectly baked cupcakes. She has a strict policy of […]

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  • Serving as mayor provides one with an array of opportunities to demean oneself on a regular basis—funny hats and dunk tanks tend to be involved. However, for me, and for most of the mayors I know, the lowest moments occur in the grandest corporate offices during economic development ‘recruitment’ trips. After schlepping the best …

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