On the Ground

Solutions in History

  • Our current system of industrial agriculture is destructive and has a variety of negative impacts on both the environment and human health. Conventional, large-scale monocropping relies heavily on inputs from cheap labor and fossil fuels in the form of food transportation, cultivation, and fertilization. It produces outputs such as pollution, …

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Envision the Future


Media Review

  • In 1992, United States politics was abuzz with the energy of four newly elected women in the wake of a sexism-related controversy. The year prior, Clarence Thomas was sworn in as the 106th Supreme Court Justice despite sexual allegations against him made by Anita Hill. The outcome of the hearings prompted the running and election […]

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  • Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology who has taught at Swarthmore College for nearly 45 years, is the author of numerous books synthesizing research in the social sciences, including psychology, sociology, and economics to challenge prevailing paradigms about markets, freedom, and choice. Among these are The Battle for Human Nature: …

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  • From Waiheke Island, New Zealand, to the World, exporting bits, not bites: Ooooby is on a mission to make local food convenient, affordable, and fair everywhere. And, with money recently raised on the equity crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, it can now set a path to do just that. Ooooby—which stands for “Out of our own …

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  • Environment Ministers from more than 50 Muslim countries have come up with a joint declaration on environmental protection and sustainable development. At the 6th Islamic Conference in Morocco, members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) convened to discuss ways to combat climate change and deal with obstacles to sustainable …

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  • Many hailed the recent UN climate change conference in Paris as a success, with a historic agreement adopted to keep global temperature rises below 2ºC. But, how do we achieve this? Climate victories across the globe in the past year show that people grew tired of waiting on slow government action against climate change well […]

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