• Six years ago, a small team of academics and journalists launched the first issue of Solutions. The global economy was on a roller coaster, the Arab Spring uprisings were about to start, creating tens of millions of refugees, rising college tuitions drove students in Europe and South America onto the streets, and our ecological destruction …

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  • In BriefRhino poaching is a serious contemporary global concern. Significant recent growth in demand for rhino horn in Asian consumer markets has driven black market prices to extraordinary levels, undermining attempts to conserve wild rhinos and enforce a worldwide trade ban. A closer analysis of countries that have succeeded in conserving …

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  • In BriefAs the Baby Boomers reach and move beyond traditional retirement ages, they are increasingly concerned about issues of aging. The demographics are compelling. By 2050, the older portion of the population will increase from 7 to 16 percent of the world’s population, with the developed world leading the way with even higher …

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  • In BriefClimate change, and its associated impacts, are challenging the very core of our natural, social, and economic systems, and it is now widely accepted that we must take steps to significantly reduce our global greenhouse emissions while simultaneously addressing the energy-related inequities that continue to plague so many human …

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