• For this inaugural issue of Solutions 2020, we have partnered with contributors from a diversity of sectors and organizations to present some of the most creative solutions to inspire sustainability action around the world. Two articles highlight the urgent need to improve sustainability capacity, commitment, and outcomes in the fossil fuel …

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On the Ground

  • A few years ago, my brain was buzzing with hashtags about nature and people. I came up with a list, and a good friend added an important one – #WeAreNature. When we feel viscerally that we are part of nature, we want to care for all species as we care for our families, pets, friends, and […]

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Envision the Future

  • It’s new year’s day 2030 and, like many on planet Earth, I’m surprisingly happy about the way the last decade finally turned out and the prospects for the future. At the dawn of the decade in 2020, things looked incredibly bleak. The climate crisis was rapidly accelerating and it looked as if we would never […]

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