• Innovation is quickly and inevitably changing the way we think and provide infrastructure services. In many sectors, technology is disrupting processes and market structures. The ability to harness solar power at home has the potential to turn consumers of electricity into providers, or “prosumers”. Solar-powered self-driving vehicles are …

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  • IV.1   INTRODUCTION Our relationship with water is undergoing a transformation in response to increased demand for water (e.g., human consumption, energy and food production, etc.), the impacts of climate change and poor water quality. Digital technologies (e.g., information communication technologies or ICT) are leading the transformation …

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  • III.1 OVERVIEW Water security has emerged as a global concern over the last two decades. This creates the impetus for a broad range of innovations that should disrupt water and wastewater services. The most significant disruption I expect to see is that a much greater role will emerge for the private sector, which will in […]

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  • The water industry today faces multiple challenges – from accelerated population growth, to exhaustion of our traditional water sources, and water scarcity driven by climate change and inefficient management of our available water resources. According to a recent United Nations report, almost half of the world’s population—some 3.6 billion …

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