• Solutions is starting a new life in 2018.  After having originated in the United States and then moved to Australia, our journal has now decided to give more space to a variety of voices from both the Global North and the Global South. We have thus created two editorial teams. One based at the University […]

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  • Between 2013 and 2014, an average of seven women were murdered in Mexico every day.1 According to the Amnesty International Report from 2015/16 on Mexico,2 violence (including killings, abductions, and sexual violence) against women and girls remained endemic, while Human Rights Watch has shown that Mexican laws do not adequately protect women …

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  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands – How can a major seaport city thriftily bolster its defences against a growing onslaught of costly climate risks while reaping economic benefits and making itself more livable? Rotterdam’s approach has been to start with a comprehensive risk-and-damage  assessment of long-term climate threats and then adopt a …

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